Over My Shoulder

by Laura Hill

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Sounds like Spring time...


released May 19, 2009

(P) (C) 2009 all songs written by laura hill
recorded at fat trax adelaide south australia
except tracks 11, 12 and 13 @ noise gate studio sydney australia
produced by ian pritchett, laura hill and matthew williams
sound engineer matthew williams
mixed and mastered by ian pritchett
graphic design and illustrations by chloe mcgregor
front cover ladybird photo by nico mekisic
back cover and inside photo by helen page
other photographs by helen page, lara merrington, hannah tunstill, darren longbottom, terry hill and nico mekisic

The Tuesday Bandits are:
Laura Hill
Hannah Tunstill
Craig Kelly
Justin Parker
Nico Mekisic

With special guests:
Ian Pritchett
Matthew Williams
Daniel Randell
John Woods
Felicity Davies
Joelie Croser



all rights reserved


Laura Hill Australia

“A guitar-slinging chanteuse with a voice that could lay the Southern Ocean down to rest.”

With range, depth and searing emotion. Her soulful blend of folk /blues is delivered heart-on-sleeve, tempered with a gentle wit, laughter and a thousand tiny insights.
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Track Name: Brown Paper Bag
if you really want me
like i think you do
then you have to show me
have to show me soon

i’m a brown paper bag
full of colour
i’m full of light
and i’m waiting to get out

i’m a brown wooden frame
slowly fading
my heart is aching
to hold a picture of you

i’m a brown piece of string
with golden lining
and i am tying
a bow around you

if only you could see
what this would mean to me
nerves just get in the way
every time

yes, i really want you
yes i really do
but i don’t know how to show you
i don’t know what to do

you’re not a brown paper bag
Track Name: Like Smoke
like smoke, you dance around me, dance around me
if you’re afraid, surrender to me, surrender
and all i know, is you can’t go, you can’t go
and all i know, don’t go
please don’t go
your voice, is one loud whisper that i can’t filter
you’re not close, but you may as well be
coz you flow right through me
all i know is you can’t go, you can’t go
and all i know
don’t go please
i’m at your feet, at your feet
Track Name: Odd Socks
it’s the way you move
way you smile
it’s that guitar pick that i couldn’t find
i’m so beside myself when you are gone
and i even like those odd socks
you’ve got on!
Track Name: Tongue Tied
heart is aching, knees are shaking
tongue is so tongue tied
but i know

you’ll be alright!
Track Name: Undone
take, take a walk with me
it’s easy to see
you're slipping away,

and look, look into my eyes
it’s comes as no surprise,
you’re slipping away

i feel you
i want you
i miss you
i’m on my knees

i feel you
i want you
i miss you
look at me please

and when you
you get to
the place where it all begun
will you remember me?
when you come undone?

and i’m, i’m not like the rest
but i’m trying to my best,
keep up with you

and the lies there spread across your face
and in everything i taste,
taste like you
Track Name: Over My Shoulder
i came over yesterday thinking it would be ok
you were not home so i pushed the gate to the garden
and waited for you

help my self to a tangerine this feeling it tastes good to me watch the light reflect upon the window
but nobody’s home

over my shoulder i’ll wait for you
over my shoulder i’ll look for you
and i knew it wouldn’t be long now
for you to get back.

now the birds start to sing
your garden smells like cinnamon.
vegetables neatly packed in a row
how much they’ve gown.

lavender and wattle trees, their only friend the buzzing bee mmm honey tastes so good in my tea
and on my toast.
Track Name: See Your Face Again
so, will i see your face again?
Track Name: Forget About It
you've been so down, don’t want to talk about it
so down, you scream forget about it
so down, this feeling should not faze ya
but it’s ok, alright, i’ll come back a little bit later
Track Name: Diamonds
sitting in a plastic chair
looking out with a plastic stare
i wonder how the in became the out

biggest house in the biggest street
nobody’s home and the roses aren’t sweet
is it wrong for me to shine inside?

everything moves so fast
flashy cars computer they don’t last
you’re not poor please don’t cry
you’ve got diamonds look in the sky

take time to feel sand on your feet
or listen to the air as it moves through the trees
or look into someone’s eyes

feel snow on your finger tips
taste the chocolate it melts on your lips
and listen to music for hours and hours

you’ve got diamonds, look in the sky
Track Name: Old Love Song
i knew that it wouldn’t be easy
what i didn’t know is it could be so hard
so clear, clear to begin with
but now it seems i’m back at the start

i read the news today
it was forecast to rain
duke’s highway they want to fix it up
we’ll i’ve been on there on the way to sherlock

it’s the same old love song
and i miss you when you’re gone
it’s the same old love song
damn predictable that i miss you when you’re gone
and i’m singing this old love song

my boss paid for my coffee today
it’s alright i’m under paid
always dreamed of a house by the sea
but just didn’t know it would be only me

i read the news today
it was forecast the same
cellar door on page 19
grand opening down my street
Track Name: By My Side
i’ve bailed water out a sinking boat
there’s always room for you
by my side.
Track Name: Belonged To The Sea
i watched him dance
by the water
dance by the sea
and his heart, started pumping
he was young and alive, with this feeling inside
and his heart

belonged to the sea