The Guava Tree

by Laura Hill

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Welcome To Summer.

‘The Guava Tree’ is packed full of melody which she hopes will leave you with the fresh taste of Summer on your lips. From the soul-inspired opening track ‘Something in the Water’, through to the smooth reggae number ‘Feels Like Sunday” or the laidback acoustic folk ep closer ‘Mexico With Me’, this is honest and timeless music. Well-crafted and thoughtful, ‘The Guava Tree’ ep blooms with colour and highlights Laura’s gift as a songwriter


released November 30, 2012

All songs written by Laura Hill
except "The Guava Tree" written by Laura Hill and Craig Kelly

Laura Hill – Vocals and Guitars

The Tuesday Bandits:
Craig Kelly – Bass
Justin Parker – Drums
Hannah Tunstill – Keyboards
Rowan Wilson – Lead Guitar
Tim Irrgang – Percussion

Special Guava Guests:
Abbey Howlett and Alyssa Fletcher – Backing Vocals
Warren Heading – Trumpet
Kate Lord – Bass Trombone
Emma Luker – Violin
Paul Zabrowarny – Cello
String arrangement by Emma Luker and Paul Zabrowarny

The Guava Tree Art Department:
Graphic Design – Mojo Hannah Designs
Photography – Darren Longbottom

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the brilliant Mick Wordley at Mixmasters Studios, Adelaide, Australia
Produced by Laura Hill and Mick Wordley
Assistant Sound Engineer – Simon Kither

Contact management:

This is an independent release by Laura Hill on Mixmasters records © 2011 Laura Hill. All recordings (p) 2011 Laura Hill. All songs and
recordings remain the property of Laura Hill. WARNING: All rights reserved. Copyright subsists in all recordings. Any unauthorised
broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording in any matter whatsoever will constitute infringement of such copyright.



all rights reserved


Laura Hill Australia

“A guitar-slinging chanteuse with a voice that could lay the Southern Ocean down to rest.”

With range, depth and searing emotion. Her soulful blend of folk /blues is delivered heart-on-sleeve, tempered with a gentle wit, laughter and a thousand tiny insights.
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Track Name: Something In The Water
Something in the Water

Just want to be myself, want to look into the mirror
No more apologies, I don’t need to explain
I’ll take you to the moon and back
We will leap frog the stars together

My friend
There is something in the water
And it’s gonna come out

Just want to be myself

Power, rise above them all
But it’s strength, hope, wisdom that will make you stand tall
You’re gonna run with the wolves, come on pick up that pace
As when you reach that view you’ll have a smile on your face

There is something in the water
And it’s gonna come out

Something in the water, something is a stirring it’s coming up to meet you – it’s gonna get ya!
Track Name: The Guava Tree
The Guava Tree

Some say there are diamonds in the sky
But when I look carefully, they’re hidden in your eyes
Like a bubble you gently float on by
But this old girl and these old wings they’re too afraid to fly
You’ve been on my mind

Down the corner, underneath the shade
Looking at the guava tree
Where the children play
That is where I first saw you
Looking at a lilac sky
Your eyes a shade of blue
You’ve been on my mind

Will you believe me underneath The Guava Tree?
You’ve been on my mind.
Track Name: Hey Owen
Hey Owen

Coming up to see you, I know it feels all right
I want to see you, been running day and night
I want to let you know, I got to make it clear
Want to let you know my intention…

Here, well you got my number
Had it for a while
0 4 2 2 7 6 – double 9

Hey Owen
Don’t want to let you down
Hey Owen
Well I’ve fallen for your charm
Hey Owen
Don’t want to let you down
Hey Owen
No, no, no

I keep pacing, and I always lose me breath
If only you could realise – my heart is out my chest.
Track Name: To Be With You
To Be With You

Sign on the window, I feel it’s getting cold
I’ve been running for years, out of breath, did you know?
When you’re alone and your heart is on your sleeve

I wanted to be with you, but the timing wasn’t right
I wanted to be with you – wouldn’t take me home that night

The days are getting longer, this mood is wearing thin
The more I try not to remember, the more it pulls me in
When you’re alone and your heart is on your sleeve

I wanted to be with you, when you were penniless
I wanted to be with you – but i was always second best
I wanted to be with you – when you travelled around the world
I wanted to be with you when you met that exchange girl

Days go, weeks fly, years pass, I’ve lost sense and track of time
In the hour of your own weakness you will realise

I wanted to be with you, when the others put you down
I wanted to be with you – when there was no one else around
I wanted to be with you – I’d be there till the end
I wanted to be with you – I wanted more than to be your friend

I wanted to be with you.
Track Name: New Jeans
New Jeans

I was sliding all over the place
No one to talk to, no familiar face
No smiling, or sunshine in my day
I once had a footprint – but the tide washed them away

Everyone appeared so hollow

But now I’ve got my new jeans on
I’ll play to you my favourite song
We go out, and we dance until the morning light
And I don’t need to worry – I’ve got you by my side

Big black clouds, replaced now with blue skies
Cheerful melodies bringing tears to my eyes
All this time you were my steppin’ stone
Now I don’t need to drag my feet – I don’t have to walk alone

How you like my new jeans?
I don’t need to worry – I’ve got you by my side.
Track Name: Feels Like Sunday
Feels Like Sunday

So many faces, so many places, so many buttons
But the white clouds in the sky make me feel like Sunday

So many you’re not good enough, you’re not fast enough, you’re too small
So many you’re not brave enough, you’re not pretty, you’re no different from them all

So many people without a home, so many living on their own, so many lives
And all this smogs not right, it’s blocking out the sunshine
So many cars

Walking down the street and I look above
Something in the air, I think its love
And all this confusion – it hurts my brain
Then I see your smiling face
Takes me away to that happy place
Feels like Sunday when I’m with you

The white clouds in the sky make me feel like Sunday.
Track Name: Mexico With Me
Mexico with Me

No, I don’t want to go home today
Gotta spread my wings, I’ve got to get away

Do you want to go to Mexico with me?
Splash of tequila on my hand
Around the campfire playing folklore music
Makin love in the sand

No I don’t want to go home today

I always liked the thought of Hawaii
As the north shore fills the air
Strumming on a ukulele
With a flower in my hair

All my family there in England
Scattered wide through fields of green
And as the ringing chimes from Big Ben fill my ears
There’ll be double-decker busses and the Queen

Do you want to go to Australia?
Wide-open spaces, the land of the free
As the scorching sun sets over the ocean
I am sitting in the shade of a coolabah tree

I think I’m home
Do you want to come home with me?